Paulinians honor teachers in world teachers’ day

In celebration of the world teachers day every October 5, Paulinians set this day free from academic matters to pay tribute and honor to the sacrifices of their teachers.

The day-long event started with the celebration of the Holy Mass at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral with Fr. Larry Espuerta, DCS as mass presider. He, in his homily, emphasized the importance of teachers in our lives and pointed it out as a noble profession. Teachers from the different units were blessed during the mass.

It was then followed by the Part 1 of the Tribute Program at the SPUS Main Gymnasium where students from the different colleges presented different acts for their teachers. Dr. Antonio Talamayan, the Vice President for Academics then delivered his message.

During lunch, the different departments gathered to have a lunch salo-salo with the faculty. Each had their own pakulo of the 2-hour departmental feast.

In the afternoon, teachers engaged in different parlor games such as bring me’, paint me a picture, longest breath, and the eating contest. After which, each department had their gift-giving to their beloved teachers. Then, in behalf of the faculty, Dr. Pacita Soringa of CECA delivered her response message to the students.

It was indeed a day to remember, especially to our dearest teachers.

To all teachers, Happy Teachers’ Day!

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