Paulinians make a marked difference!

Paulinians make a marked difference!

Paulinians make a marked difference!

Paulinians make a marked difference!

Paulinians make a marked difference!

SPUSurigao PAASCU Level II

Congratulations, Paulinians!

Last March 1-2, the College of Education, Culture and the Arts (CECA) and the College of Business and Technology (CBT) underwent series of class observations and extensive survey visit by the Philippine Accreditation Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). After 3 months of waiting, finally, St. Paul University Surigao’s Liberal Arts, Sciences, Elementary and Secondary Education and Business Administration Programs have met the standards and are now accredited as level II by PAASCU.

This milestone is a collaborative effort of the administrators of SPUSurigao headed by Sr. Marie Rosanne Mallillin, SPC, the ever-active deans, Sr. Nicole Dabalus, SPC and Atty. Leonardo del Carmen, the Quality Management Office Director, Mrs. Marsha Gonzaga, the faculty, staff and students of the Higher Education.

Due to an exemplar exhibit of culture of excellence and quality education, the aforementioned programs the said departments achieved a clean accreditation which will expire on 2022.

Good job, Paulinians!

SPUS Immediate Hiring!

SPUS Immediate Hiring!

Grade School
1. BEED Generalist

Junior High
1. Schience
2. Rel Ed
3. Aral Pan
4. Filipino
5. TLE Computer
6. Math

Senior High
1. English
2. Filipino
3. Social Sciences
4. Physical Science
5. ABM
6. Rel Ed
7. TLE Food Industry

Send your letter of application, resume and photocopy of supporting documents/credentials to:
The University President
St. Paul University Surigao through
Director Human Resource Management
St. Paul University Surigao
8400 Surigao City, Philippines

or email: 

The Upcoming National and Local Elections, a Candidates Forum 2019

Aiming to enlighten the youth in line with the upcoming National and Local Elections, a Candidates Forum was conducted in the University Gymnasium earlier. In attendance were candidates from different parties and even independent candidates.

The candidates forum was organized and sponsored by Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 
Surigao del Norte Provincial COMELEC, Kapisanan ng mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KBP), and Surigao Youth Convergence in partnership with St. Paul University Surigao.

Written by The Paulinian Herald

Student Clearance signing for AY 2018-2019

Student Clearance signing for AY 2018-2019 2nd semester will be on April 29-May 11, 2019.


*under SAO: The 'Student Activity Attendance Count' (one of the SAO Clearance requirements) covers 1st-2nd semester activities attendances, AY 2018-2019

*All graduating college students must settle their school clearances (SAO, Health Services, Guidance, CFO, Finance Services, etc) before attending graduation practices, claiming school records and credentials.

*All non-graduating college students must settle their school clearances (SAO, Health Services, Guidance, CFO, Finance Services, etc) before taking Final Examinations and/or enrolling for the Summer classes or AY 2018-2019.


Written by: The PauliWord Creative Media & Publications Team

April 2019 Monthly Celebration

Sponsoring Organization: College of Engineering 
Celebration: TLE/EPP/TVL/Livelihood

Before trying to tune with others we will have to tune our own self as internally we are not in harmony how can we establish harmony with others? There must be harmony in our thoughts, speech and deeds. Normally, what we think we do not speak and what we speak we do not do. We think and utter words of virtues but do not have that courage to implement them. We think and expect that our child should always tell the truth but we can not follow it. If something wrong is going on around us, we think and say 'it is really bad' but do not have strength to resist it. Hypocrites are doing reverse they think bad and pretend to act well. So, we should be one with our conscience and bring harmony within.

Pedro Calungsod, also known as Peter Calungsod and Pedro Calonsor, was a Roman Catholic Filipino migrant, sacristan and missionary catechist who, along with the Spanish Jesuit missionary Diego Luis de San Vitores, suffered religious persecution and martyrdom in Guam for their missionary work in 1672.

A cuisine is a style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes, and usually associated with a specific culture or geographic region. A cuisine is primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally or through trade. Religious food laws, such as Hindu, Islamic and Jewish dietary laws, can also exercise a strong influence on cuisine. Regional food preparation traditions, customs and ingredients often combine to create dishes unique to a particular region.

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