Core Values

The Paulinian Shares in the unique history and traditions of the Sisters of St. Paul of Charters, marked by a Christocentricpaschal spirituality, commitment to mission, service to community through one's charism, urged on by Charity for God and to men.

1. Christ centeredness

Christ is the CENTER of Paulinian life. She/he follows and imitates Christ, doing everything in reference to Him.

2. Commission

The Paulinian has a mission- a LIFE PURPOSE to spread the God News. Like Christ, she actively works to saved this world, and to make it a better place.

3. Community

The Paulinian is a RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and CITIZEN, concerned with building communities, promotion of peoples, justice and peace, and the protection of the environment.

4. Charism

The Paulinian develops his/her GIFTS/TALENTS to be put in the service of the community. She/he strives to grow and improve daily, some says seeking the better and finer things, and the Final Good.

5. Charity

Urged on by the LOVE OF CHRIST, THE Paulinian is warm, simple loving, hospitable and all to all especially the underprivileged.