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Discovering Hidden Treasures in Ordinary Lives

In celebration of the World Day of the Poor, the Paulinian community initiated a whole-day activity that was simultaneously held at the HS Atrium and New Gymnasium.

With the theme, “Day of the Poor: Discovering Hidden Treasures in Ordinary Lives,” the program started with several animation songs led by select CMVASS and YFC members. It was then followed by a Welcome message by Rev. Fr. Larry Espuerta, DCS. The Dialogue of Life of the SHS and College students together with the invited guests was conducted in their respective classrooms and assigned areas. Through the Paulinian Agape, the Paulinian community also prepared a sumptuous lunch for their respective guests.

To culminate the event, a Eucharistic Celebration was offered at the New Gymnasium with the SHS unit and College department in attendance. The said activity was sponsored by the Christian Formation Office spearheaded by Sr. Maria Teresa Mallillin, SPC.

The Paulinian community as Tüv Rheinland issued a new certificate

St. Paul University Surigao has proven its mark as a leading provider of quality education and service to the Paulinian community as Tüv Rheinland issued a new certificate after a 2-day ISO audit in both campuses on October 29-30, 2018.

This year’s audit team is composed of Ms. Jean Laguitao (JL), the lead auditor, Engr. Mary Grace Balobalo (GB) and Ms. Jogina Mendiola (JM).

After series of class observations and interviews, the general result or finding was very commendable as SPUS, for the first time in history, incurred zero NCs (non-conformity) during the audit.

Congratulations! ⚜️


St. Paul University Surigao was hailed as the overall champion

St. Paul University Surigao was hailed as the overall champion of the private schools category at the awarding and closing ceremony of the Surigao City Division Athletic Meet earlier this morning at the Provincial Sports Complex.

Here are the Paulinian athletes and coaches who participated in the Division Meet and made this win possible:

Aero Gymnastics
Coach: Mr. Roderick Dionaldo
* Boys - Individual Category
- GOLD: Aidan Kirk Daguinod

Coach: Mr. Jessie Galindo
* She's Bluebell Ycong
- SILVER: 30 meters
- GOLD: 40 meters
- SILVER: 50 meters
- GOLD: 60 meters
- GOLD: Overall FITA
- GOLD: Olympic round
- SILVER: Mixed team

Coach: Mr. Jessie Galindo
Anyo Category
* Girls - Single Baston
- BRONZE: Zipporah Ruth Toca
* Girls - Double Baston
- SILVER: Christie Micon Ybiernas
* Girls - Espada y Daga
- GOLD: Christia Niña Flores
* Boys - Single Baston
- GOLD: Reviel James Bustillo
* Boys - Double Baston
- SILVER: Reviel James Bustillo
* Boys - Espada y Daga
- SILVER: Reviel James Bustillo
Full Contact Event
* Girls - Pin Weight
- SILVER: Christia Niña Flores
* Girls - Feather Weight
- GOLD: Zipporah Ruth Toca
* Girls - Extra Light
- SILVER: Christie Micon Ybiernas
* Boys - Feather Weight
- SILVER: Reviel James Bustillo

Coach: Mr. Roderick Dionaldo
* Adrian Almeda
- BRONZE: 1.5km run
- BRONZE: 3km run
* Neils Galve
- BRONZE: 400m dash
- 4TH PLACE: 100m dash
- 4TH PLACE: Long Jump
* Carl Kristian Umbina
- 4TH PLACE: Shot Put
- 4TH PLACE: Discus throw
* John Paul Cellona
- 4TH PLACE: Javelin throw

Coach: Mr. Jesster Abella
* Girls - Single A
- SILVER: Therese Catral
* Girls - Single B
- GOLD: Elna Tecson
* Girls - Doubles
- SILVER: Sjamnie Paler, Edralyn Bibera
* Boys - Single A
- GOLD: Radcliffe Alcantara
* Boys - Doubles
- GOLD: Shannon Seeto, Carl Darren Chung

Basketball (Men)
Coach: Mr. Christian Tarpin
- Floro Maglinte
- Christian Angelo Arana
- Gil John Recimo
- Riel Lisondra
- Jan Manuel Sumando
- Linbert Patajo
- Andrei Lou Espina
- Dean Aisley Cayman
- Peter Ryle Rosillo
- Sheik Shajed Arapoc
- John Erwin Villarosa
- BJ Kyle Juevesano

Basketball (Women)
Coach: Mr. Jersam Acido
- Flenny Helme
- Camille Talisaysay
- Joanne Ajoc
- Christine Pacot
- Heavenleigh Villavicencio
- Dulce Marie Noble
- Lucky Sayson
- Peach Dato-on
- Dennizy Ricafrente
- Jirah Escobido
- Glydel Paquio
- Love Mae Pecante
- Michaela Salientes

Coach: Mr. Peter John Casio
* Girls - 8 balls
- SILVER: Mary Margarette Alipayo

Coaches: Ms. Resethe Calagui and Ms. Nessel Auditor
* Boys - Standard Team
- BRONZE: Jef Caballes, Glenn Micarandayo
* Girls - Standard Team
- BRONZE: Irise Rocolcol, Naire Garcia
* Girls - Blitz Individual
- SILVER: Irise Rocolcol
* Girls - Blitz Team
- SILVER: Naire Garcia, Irise Rocolcol

Coach: Mr. Peter John Cassio
- Clint Carlo Acedo
- Carlo Gesta
- Crisver Bustamante
- Kline Delos Reyes
- Nikko Abarca
- Sebastian Sulonsod
- Rogelio Constante
- Margu Tello
- JoelKim Gonzales
- Rey Vincent Sta Iglesia
- Elmer Malinao
- Hudson Cayasa
- Franz Reiner Caballero
- Vincent Nicole Dihayco
- Bryan Daniel Madrio
- France Sibonga

Sepak Takraw
Coach: Mr. Francis Rudolph Tibayan
- Rasheed Blix Abarca
- Clint Manuel Makinano
- Deity John Parada
- Hanz Aj Telbe
- John Prester Gealogo
- Mark Cagula
- Zapton Pilan
- Earl Benedict Buenavides
- Theo Montano
- Sherwin Batistil
- Jerson Galindo

Coach: Ms. Michelle Anne Torrecampo
Individual events
* Andrei John Lipio
- GOLD: 400m freestyle
- BRONZE: 100m freestyle
- SILVER: 100m breaststroke
* Diorom Onyx Matilac
- GOLD: 200m freestyle
- GOLD: 800m freestyle
* John Sitoy
- GOLD: 100m backstroke
- GOLD: 200m individual relay
- GOLD: 100m freestyle
- GOLD: 200m backstroke
- GOLD: 100m butterfly
* Vinceade Centino
- GOLD: 200m breaststroke
- GOLD: 100m breastroke
* Lord Adriane Cabajes
- SILVER: 100m butterfly
- 5TH PLACE: 200m individual relay
* Kiesha Higayon
- BRONZE: 100m freestyle
- BRONZE: 100m breaststroke
- BRONZE: 200m freestyle
- 5TH PLACE: 200m breaststroke
Team events
* GOLD: 4x50 medley relay
- John Sitoy, Vinceade Centino, Lord Adriane Cabajes, Diorom Onyx Matilac
* GOLD: 4x50 m freestyle
- Andrei Lipio, Niño John Tokong, Vinceade Centino, John Sitoy

Table Tennis
Coach: Mr. Jesster Abella
* Single - Boys A
- 5TH PLACE: Kye Benedick Asilo
* Single - Boys B
- SILVER: Neorowen Jethron Plando
* Single - Boys C
- Ricardo Pampula Jr.
* Single - Boys D
- 5TH PLACE: Adrian Salvador Seguerra
* Single - Girls A
- SILVER: Pauline Anne Asilo
* Single - Girls B
- SILVER: Jochebed Jamero
* Single - Girls C
- BRONZE: Kirshie Fetalvero

Coach: Ms. Louise Lorchano
* Women - Finweight
- GOLD: Alexa Monta
* Women - Lightweight
- GOLD: Cherrielyn Dangate
* Women - Welterweight
- SILVER: Ashley Tomate
* Women - Openweight
- SILVER: Quia Monique Nuyad
* Men - Openweight
- SILVER: James Andrew Compe

Coach: Ms. Myrna Ariar
* Girls - Doubles
- GOLD: Charlotte Culata, Catherine Renee Ongluico
* Boys - Doubles
- SILVER: Christian Gallegher Rule Beto, Christian Jake Entero
* Boys - Single A
- BRONZE: Christian Jo Aying

Volleyball (Men)
Coach: Mr. Roderick Dionaldo
- Al Yankovic Plaza
- Nikkie Berol
- Harry Sumalinog
- John Owen Nualan
- Renz Jacob Estrella
- Rasheed Villazon
- Rodgen Wedd Cuadra
- Ronald Sayago
- Gregor Gildren
- Vince Cellona
- Roland Mark Resullar

Volleyball (Women)
Coach: Ms. Louise Lorchano
- Criz Leah Diaz
- Abie Mantillo
- Janine Kim Doong
- Janna Erazo
- Shaina Malbog
- Chim Diaz
- Andrea Venice Bayeta
- Leah Brazil
- Vanessa Nikoulle Juan
- Zhella Macaldo
- Janicah Villazon
- Shanel Paco
- Kyla Babaison
- Razhiel Japzon

The Caraga Regional Athletic Meet will be held in February 2019 at Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte.

Congratulations, Paulinians! ⚜️🔰

College of Education, Culture and Arts (CECA) Month celebration program

On October 17, 2018, College of Education, Culture and Arts (CECA) Month celebration program kicked-off with the Science Exhibit and Sudoku Competition at the Higher Education Campus Admin Lobby.

The Science Exhibit showcased the variety of outputs made by Paulinian students such as the Herbarium, Terrarium, Electric Coil and other scientific inventions. The different clubs and organizations competed as well in the Sudoku Competition.

The CECA Month celebration activities will continue next week with the Spelling Bee Competition and Science Quiz Bowl.

All the winners of the above-mentioned contests will be proclaimed and awarded during the celebration's Culmination Program on November 2018.

Photo Credits:
Migs Montederamos
Gleena Mae Gorgonio

12th Tertiary Paulinian Student Leaders’ Congress

8 Surigaonon Paulinian student-leaders with 3 teacher-coordinators join the 12th Tertiary Paulinian Student Leaders’ Congress at St. Paul University Iloilo on July 19-21, 2018. The event is anchored to the theme: “Paulinian Servant Leaders: Meeting the Challenges of Interculturality.”

The said three-day training-workshop aims to promote oneness in the context of Paulinian spirit of stewardship and servant leadership.


- Ges Umbina